And then there were FOUR!

Hi Friends,

How was your week? We're experiencing a nearly daily battle between spring and winter here in Colorado - Mother Nature is definitely playing the "a woman is entitled to change her mind" card. Repeatedly. We aren't complaining though - we needed the rain and it'll make the true arrival of springtime even sweeter!

Since we were stuck inside a lot of the week, the good news is that we have 2 more pinches up and ready for share with you! This round features a sparkly and girly princess baby shower and a black, white, and gold elegant adult birthday. We adore them both so much!!! For those keeping track at home, that brings us up to 4 revised pinches (including the "Pretty Pink Princess" and "Floral Coral" ones we released last Friday). Four down and so many more full of so much more gorgeousness to go! #cantstopwontstop #loveourjobs 

We won't make you wait a second longer. Feast your eyes on these!!!

Up first is the "Aged to Perfection" Birthday Pinch. 40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 40. We're in favor of celebrating and embracing each one of your adult birthdays (and your wrinkles - you earned those suckers!)! This pinch can be made extra special for milestone birthdays or we can remove all mentions of age if you prefer. We are also happy to help you celebrate your BFF's umpteenth 29th birthday ;-). 

Black, gold, and white - simple, elegant, and classic. And we're obsessed with the "Aged to Perfection" theme - it completely embodies our view of aging. Isn't it so much better than the old school "Over the Hill" nonsense that used to be everywhere?? 

Next up is another delightfully girly pinch: our "Welcome Little Princess" baby shower pinch. (More "boy" themed pinches are in the works - pinky swear!) Gold glitter tiaras, fluffy pink tassel banners, and some of our favorite tableware (it's pink, gold, and white confetti and we're obsessed with it and its mint and blue cousins!) have us making allll the heart eyes at this one. Can someone we know please have a little girl bun in the oven soon so we have an excuse to use this pinch?? 

And as with all of our new pinches, we have created paper packages for each of these where you can get the invitations and thank you notes or both of those plus the cupcake toppers and favor tags! See the "Aged to Perfection" paper package here and the "Welcome Little Princess" package here

Thoughts? Comments? Which of the four so far is your favorite? What are you hoping to see in our upcoming releases? (Don't worry - we have more returning favorites as well as a bunch of "from scratch" pinches on the way soon!) Please share in the comments below or drop us a line

Have a fabulous and fancy weekend!


Erin & Sarah