And...we're back!

Hi Friends! Sorry for the long, unplanned absence (to all 2 of our faithful readers ;-))! We weren't intending to go on hiatus, but life and work caught up to us for a little while there. We each have a 4-year-old in Pre-K (how did that happen?? Please pass the tissues!) and the start of a new school year always seems to throw life into complete pandemonium. Add that to the fact that we've been suuuper busy crafting and adding approximately one zillion items to our site, and the result was the blog getting put on the back burner. By which we mean an invisible back burner on a stove in someone else's house. Yeah, that kind of level of back burner. Oops. 

Anyway, we're back and have a bunch of fun posts planned for the coming weeks. Today we wanted to officially announce the launch of our Etsy shop! We're live and even have had our first sale! Woot woot! We'll continue to add inventory over the next few weeks and there are so. many. cute. cards. coming to the website and the Etsy shop very soon, if we do say so ourselves. In case you want to bookmark the Etsy shop, here's the link: Oh So Fancy Etsy Shop. Currently it doesn't have any unique items (everything there is already on the website), but we'll be adding temporary/seasonal items there when it's something that doesn't quite fit within the pages of Additionally, we're likely to run special Etsy-only promotions, so it'll be worth your while to keep tabs on our shop over there!

While you're checking out new and exciting stuff, click on over to our Pretty Paper section of this site - it's chock full of new cards! Here are a few of our favorites (and we've still got several dozen to add in our "spare time" - LOL!):


We're starting to transition to fall around here (well, at least we were last it's back to the 80s for a few days) and can't wait to share some of our favorite things for fall in the coming weeks! We're also stoked (is that a word that anyone uses anymore or did we totally date ourselves there? Pumped? Is that less lame?) to continue coming up with gorgeous fall-themed goodies. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, we'll have you covered! 

Until next time! (Which will be Friday now that we're back on our regular Tuesday/Friday blogging schedule - pinky swear!)


Erin & Sarah