Craft Fair Wrap-Up

Hi friends!

OK, so we seem to have a trend here...we manage to post about half a dozen blog posts and then we disappear for a few weeks. We're really not trying to leave you hanging - we keep getting so busy crafting and party planning that we completely run out of time to write our blog posts! Please give us a little bit longer to get ourselves firmly in the groove and then (hopefully) we'll be a well-oiled blogging machine! ;-)

Anyway, enough groveling. Today, we wanted to share our experiences with the two craft fairs we did this season. We enjoyed them and learned a lot along the way. Both fairs we did this fall were through the Crafted Life market. It's a smaller market, but full of quality vendors and all-around wonderful people. We loved spending time with others who are passionate about handcrafting high quality items, whether soap or scarves or jewelry or papercrafts. 

The first market, back in September, was held outside. The temperature wasn't an issue, but an hour or so in to the 7 hour long market, the wind started. And I don't mean a pleasant breeze. I mean wind that was literally flipping over vendors' 10x10 tents...even with weights holding them down. We spent a large portion of the day physically holding our tent in place and rearranging our products after they went flying. It was exhausting. And it didn't help that the market had very poor turnout, likely because of the wind. We still managed to make some sales, but it was a long, slow day and had us feeling a little frustrated.

Luckily, the market last weekend was COMPLETELY different and SO much better! First, it was indoors - yay! We're pretty sure we'll be sticking with indoor markets moving forward - it was so nice not to have to worry about whether the weather will cooperate and affect traffic and potentially damage our product. The market was held at East Simpson Coffee in Lafayette, CO. It's a super cute shop with a great, friendly vibe. They have an annex in the back of the shop that held the majority of the vendors, but they also cleared the tables and chairs out the front half and had a few vendors there as well. Second, the traffic was amazing. Lafayette isn't a huge city, so we weren't sure what to expect, even in good conditions, but there was steady traffic nearly the entire 5 hours and it was downright bustling for large chunks of time. 

We thought we'd share a few photos of our booth, so you can see the kinds of things we offered (please pardon the photos - they were taken on an iPhone in very poor lighting!). Some of them are up on our site, but others are "show specials". We definitely focused on holiday items, given the early December date of the show, and that seemed to be what people were looking for. Our best sellers were the chocolate filled mini coffee cups and the baker box candles. 

What's your favorite thing to shop for at craft shows? Please share in the comments below or drop us a line!


Erin & Sarah