Easter Brunch? Yes, please!

Hi Friends!

How was your weekend? Ours was the second weekend of spring break and, despite having a great week, we were not sad to see the kiddos return to school yesterday! They were starting to get a bit stir crazy and there's only so many rounds of hide and seek (where the kids hide in the same exact spot - that's completely visible to anyone with remotely decent vision - every. single. time.) one can play before starting to lose it a little bit. Colorado is still doing its typical early spring thing, so we've been bouncing between snow days and shorts-weather days. Certainly keeps it interesting!

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We can't believe it, but Easter is in only 12 days! Is it just us, or does every year seem to speed by faster than the year before?! It was just New Year's Eve, for crying out loud! And there's the whole thing with holidays that move around each year that makes our heads hurt. It makes us appreciate holidays like the Fourth of July (it's so helpful when they put the date right in the name of the holiday!!). If you want to have your head explode a little bit, read this doozy of an explanation about why Easter's date varies so much (short version: it's typically the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the vernal equinox, but the solar year and lunar year don't play nicely, so sometimes that doesn't work!?!?!?!). 

Anyway, enough rambling. Let's get to the important topic at hand: brunch. It's definitely our favorite meal of the day and we'd happily eat brunch food all day every day. That's the beauty of brunch - it combines breakfast and lunch, so nearly everything is fair game. Whoever came up with brunch was a genius. We're already prepping for our Easter brunch and salivating as we look through recipes and recall what we've made in past years. Here are a few of our favorites to get you in the mood for brunch!

I (Erin) have been on an (obsessive) mission to find a good recipe for Belgian waffles. I can't tell you how many I've tried and what a pain-in-the-you-know-what many of them have been. I have 2 boys under 5. I don't have time for all that nonsense. And they go from sweet angels to hangry, hangry hippos in about 2 minutes. So, I need a recipe that's quick but also GOOD. I have very high waffle standards and finding good recipes has been a challenge. While I wouldn't say this recipe is the best waffle I've ever eaten (I'll reserve that honor for some restaurants that must put some sort of secret ingredient in their waffles), it's the best one I've made at home. It's light and crispy, thanks to the cornstarch, and doesn't immediately get soggy like so many others I've tried. It was a winner that's definitely sticking around my Pinterest Brunch board long term. 

Sarah made these Crispy Roasted Rosemary Sweet Potatoes last year for Easter brunch and they were AMAZING. And not only do they taste delicious, they also look beautiful arranged in the dish. The rosemary pairs beautifully with the flavor of the sweet potatoes and the crispy, almost burned edges are perfectly sweet and create a wonderful texture. I think I had thirds. #sorrynotsorry. 

We haven't tried this one yet, but its days are numbered. We're coming for you, Fat Almond Pancake! We have so many friends with various food intolerances and allergies and love to have extra weapons in our cooking arsenal. These sound delicious and we'll let you know our reviews once we make them. In the meantime, if you've tried this one or something similar, please let us know!!!

Have you eaten/made a Strata? If not, you should. It's an Italian egg casserole and it's life changing. It's a very forgiving recipe with lots of options for tweaking and subbing to fit your needs. And did I mention the fact that you can make it the night before?? Oh, yeah, baby! This recipe is the closest I could find to the one I make (which is a hodgepodge of several recipes and found only in my head ;-)).

A few notes on tweaks I'd suggest to this recipe. First, I'd skip the mustard. I think it would overpower the dish (and that's coming from someone who really likes mustard). Second, if you want to really kick it up, try using caramelized onions. Yes, they take forever, but they add such an amazing depth of flavor and sweetness. Third, if you have time and have thought ahead enough for this, I like to cube the bread the day before I plan to make this to give it time to stale a bit. I find that it soaks up the egg better when it's not so fresh. I've made this more times than I can count and subbed a ton of different veggies, cheeses, and even the occasional meat (mostly for my father and father-in-law) and almost anything works. It's one of those great, versatile recipes that you'll come back to again and again. 

What are your favorite brunch recipes? Please share in the comments below or drop us a line!


Erin & Sarah