Friday Fun - Etsy Round Up (2-17-17)

Hi Friends!

How was your week? We finally had a week with all of our kiddos healthy...the first in quite a while! And we got a tease of Spring from Mother Nature - glorious!

For this edition of Friday Fun, we thought we'd share a few more of our Etsy faves. We've been spending A LOT of time on there, as we're working to add more of our inventory and handmade items to our shop, and we've found some more shops that make us squeal with delight! Here are a few:

Sawyer and Birch features beautifully scripted handmade signs and stunning string art featuring both words and objects.

Pixie Pixels makes us want to do a makeover on every wall in our homes! The shop has a wide range of prints in neutrals and bold colors featuring florals and other plants as well as graphic patterns. 

Sew Chrissy is another local Colorado shop. We've done a few markets with Chrissy and each own a small coin purse of hers that we use to keep track of our business receipts! So not only do we love her stuff, our bookkeeper does, too ;-)! She took a leap this week and quit her day job to focus on her passion - we're rooting for her!!

Laura Amiss hails from the Netherlands, but we're willing to wait for our prints to cross the ocean when they're this beautiful!

What are your favorite Etsy shops at the moment? We're always looking for new favorites! Please share in the comments or drop us a line!

Have a fun and fancy Friday!


Erin & Sarah