Friday Fun - Fall Is Here!

Hi Friends! Fall is finally here and we couldn't be more excited! Yes, the first technical day of autumn was a couple of weeks ago, but we got a cold front this week and it finally feels like fall around here! Boots, sweaters, pumpkin everything, colorful leaves: these are a few of our favorite things (cue Julie Andrews). To celebrate the new season, today's round-up features a variety of fall things that make us happy.

This soup. Holy cow is it tasty! Rich, creamy, and perfect for a cool evening. We love to eat it with a grilled cheese sandwich, preferably a more adult version - either fresh mozzerella, tomato, and balsamic or brie paired with fig spread or pear or apple or...who are we kidding, pair brie with cardboard and it'll be delicious. Another favorite is to put the soup in an oven-safe dish (large ramekins work perfectly), add a chunk of fresh mozzerella to the soup, and then cover the top with some puff pastry. To. Die. For. You can thank us later.

Tutorial on  PinkStripeySocks

Tutorial on PinkStripeySocks

I got to volunteer at my son's school this week, and one of their art projects was painting leaf shapes with corn syrup paint. It's kind of amazing. I know, I know, corn syrup is terrible for you, but that's only if you eat it. We're suggesting that you skip the eating and go straight to the painting! Why, you ask? Corn syrup paint maintains really vibrant colors when you add food coloring and has a glossy, almost wet look even once it has dried. Try it - your kids (and you) will love it! We'd suggest painting cardboard cutouts of autumn leaves or pumpkins.

Recipe found at  Cookie + Kate

Recipe found at Cookie + Kate

Healthy pumpkin bread. I know what you're thinking: not possible. Other than the healthy pumpkin itself, pumpkin bread is typically fullllll of sugar, butter, and other deliciousness that makes it a less than perfect choice for daily (hourly) consumption. However, this recipe from Cookie + Kate is potentially life-changing. It has reasonably healthy ingredients to start with, and she provides about a dozen suggestions for altering it to fit nearly ever diet/dietary restriction out there! We haven't made it yet, but it's on the books for this weekend!

Halloween! We're loving all of the Halloween-themed items that we're seeing this year, including the ones on our site! We've got a ton of adorable cupcake toppers, fans, confetti, straws, much. cuteness! Stay tuned: we're about to launch a Halloween promotion that's good through the end of the month!

My boys finally selected their Halloween costumes: I've got a dragon/dinosaur and a firefighter. Which may turn into some sort of weird combination creature since they keep stealing each other's hats...(yes, we've gotten the costumes and they'll probably be completely wrecked well before Halloween since we're doing daily struts down the catwalk). What are you and/or your kids dressing up as this year?

Hope you have a fabulous and fancy weekend!


Erin & Sarah