Friday Fun-nies

Hi Friends,

We've been busy bees all week and staying up wayyyy past our bedtimes most nights as we work to roll out more of our redesigned pinches. We absolutely love them, so it's totally worth it, but we're feeling a little mentally spent at the moment. So, for today's blog, we've rounded up some funny comments that put a smile on our face and hopefully will start your weekend with a smile, too! Enjoy!

Ashley Austrew.jpg

I spit a little water on my screen with this one. As a child who shoved a dried bean up my nose, I could only get a little mad when my 2 year old put 12 grains of rice in his nose at dinner one night. He thought it was hilarious until we had to use the Nose Frida to suck them out. #donttrythisathome

Oh man, we are definitely adults. They reorganized one of the Whole Foods near us a few weeks ago. It made for delightfully spacious aisles, but they moved darn near everything. I need a map to find my way in and out and have failed to get at least one item on my list each time because I just couldn't find that section. And no, I didn't ask. That's against the rules when playing Supermarket Sweep. Or when shopping with 2 small children who like to play the "run away and hide" game in any store. And not only are we adults, but we're officially old enough for "classic" rock stations to be playing songs we listened to in high school. Seriously? Pearl Jam is classic rock now??? Say it ain't so. 

Who is with us on this one? #whyaretheresomanylegoseverywhere #wheredidthisevencomefrom #quickthrowitawaywhiletheyarentlooking

What is it about a quiet, post-bedtime house that results in such intense (albeit brief) feelings of motivation and "can do" spirit? Unfortunately, I'm too busy staying up late pinning meals (I'm never going to make) and "cheap and easy" craft projects (that will require trips to Michaels and Target and ordering 3 things that can get here in 2 days with Amazon Prime), so instead tomorrow morning I'll be exhausted and cranky. #winning  

Which one of these is your favorite? We can't decide! Comment below or drop us a line.

Have a fabulous and fancy weekend!


Erin & Sarah