Friday Fun (on a Wednesday!) - Snow Day!

Hi Friends!

Hope you all are having a great week! Here in Colorado, we get snow fairly regularly all winter long (it can start as early as October and a couple of years ago we had a doozy of a storm on Mother's Day in "winter" is used loosely), so we're used to it and have had to get creative to keep ourselves entertained when it's an official snow day and everyone is home for the day. This week we're having some unseasonably warm weather, but that means we'll probably get a blizzard next week, so we're planning ahead!

Here are eight of our favorite activities for those cold, snowy days.

1. Play in the snow outside - duh! If it's subzero out, this may not last long, but it's a great way to get some energy out and not feel stir crazy the rest of the day. We've invested in some miniature shovels and have the kids "help" us shovel out the driveway and sidewalks. We also love doing some quick sledding down the neighborhood hill or building a snowman with random food or toys for the face and appendages.

Snow Day Fun -

2. Use the snow as your canvas! Put some food coloring (diluted with water) into a water gun or spray bottle and let the kids decorate the snow in your yard. Just try to keep them from squirting each other :-/!

3. Bring the snow inside! This one is especially great if it's too cold to go outside, your kids are sick, the wind is howling, or you simply can't muster up the energy to spend time in the snow. Run outside and grab a couple of large mixing bowls or buckets full of snow to bring into your house. Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but it's much warmer and your kids will feel like you've given them permission to do something "against the rules" - rebels! We've dumped it into the water table (with a towel underneath to prevent slipping and sliding) with various tools and toys and let the kids have a blast. You could also dump it into the bathtub, semi-dress the kids for the cold, and let them climb right in and play in it!

4. Hot chocolate! Not that we require much convincing to indulge, but is there anything better than making hot chocolate when it's freezing outside? If you've got the ingredients, try making your own from scratch. It's simple and delicious. And if you're looking for some amazing marshmallows, try Dandies. They're sold at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and other natural grocery stores and they are so soft and absolutely delicious! The real vanilla flavor takes them to a whole new level!

5. Build a fort! When I was little, building forts with my brother was one of my favorite things to do. We could deconstruct the sofa cushions and have a miniature house in a matter of seconds. My kids have inherited my love for building and a cold, snowy day is absolutely perfect for gathering up blankets and cushions and creating an epic hideout. 

6. Bake something, anything! The kids will have fun adding ingredients and stirring, your house will smell yummy, and it'll warm up the house and your tummy! Got some overripe bananas? Banana bread to the rescue! Have a leftover (unopened!) can of pumpkin from Thanksgiving? Pumpkin muffins, here we come!

7. Make playdough! If you've never made it at home, you are missing out! Homemade playdough is soft, warm, and pliable you'll never go back to the store-bought kind!

8. Popcorn and a movie! You have an air popper, right? If not, get one! The kids love watching the popcorn pop and it's infinitely healthier than microwave popcorn - you can control what, if anything, is added to the kernels! We like ours with a tiny bit of cooking spray and salt or sometimes we add a tiny bit of cinnamon and sugar (and still salt - don't forget the salt!!) to make a sweet treat. A bowl of popcorn and a family-friendly movie can pass a few hours and give you a chance to soak up some snuggles on the sofa.

Snow Day Fun - Movie Day -

Hope you found at least 1 new idea on this list to try during the next snow day! What's your favorite snow day activity? Tell us in the comments or drop us a line!

Erin & Sarah