Friday Fun - St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Hi Friends!

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? We're going to mix some fun with a whole lot of behind the scenes crafting and website work so we can launch our revised Party in a Pinch packages very soon!!!!!!!! (The number of exclamation points is indicative of our level of we're reeeeeeally excited!)

We're not tweaking our St. Patrick's Day Pinch, but we do have green on the brain since March 17th is only a week away! For those of you who like to get your craft on, we scoured the web for some fun and simple crafts to do with your kids or by yourself. These were some of our favorites.

This gorgeous creation from Crafty Morning uses minimal supplies to create something pretty spectacular. They're definitely on our to do list with our paint-loving kids (we may cheat and use those Kwik Stix paint pens we mentioned last week - still obsessed!).

We were singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow when we saw this next one (and for several hours later...darn those songs that get stuck on a never-ending repeat in your brain!). Mess for Less gives great instructions for making vibrant rainbow art using paint, glue, and salt.

I don't know about you, but our kids adore anything related to dressing up - costumes, masks, random objects that fit on their heads... The Leprechaun Paper Plate Mask from ABC Creative Learning would have them pinching each other with excitement (sorry, had to). 

We're suckers for anything that helps commemorate how small our kids are since we know they'll be taller than us way too soon (please slow down, just a little!). These Handprint Shamrock prints fit the bill perfectly (you could also do footprints, especially if you have really little ones who might smack their paint-covered hands all over you). Grandparents also tend to fawn excessively over such things if you're so inclined.

What St. Patrick's Day crafts have you attempted? Does your family have any St. Paddy's traditions? Share in the comments below or drop us a line! Have a fabulous and fancy weekend!

Erin & Sarah