Friday Fun - Web Round Up

Hi Friends!

Three cheers for Friday! We've been busily working on some fun changes to our site and pinches (yes, I'm going to tease you with that and not elaborate, but you'll find out soon, pinky swear!) and prepping for a special 5th birthday party this weekend. We'll have party photos next week or the week after and I can assure you there will be some serious adorableness!

We thought we'd share an assortment of goodies in today's post. So without further ado...

This recipe for buttermilk blueberry breakfast cake from Alexandra Cooks. So good. We take issue with the name, since we ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Oops. And, in case you were wondering, the recipe is pretty forgiving. One of us may have made it, planning to double it, and realized at the end that she only doubled the butter so then added the second half of all of the other ingredients to the "finished" batter...and it was still delicious and as gorgeous as pictured! (Name withheld to protect the guilty.)

Have you seen these paint pens?? They have them at my son's school and they are amazing! They go on like paint (they're tempera paint-based) and look like paint wet and dry, but dry in 90 seconds and don't drip or glop like paint does. If you have kids who love art like ours do and have days when you just can't deal with the mess/cleanup of another art project, give these a whirl! We're obsessed (and no, they don't know who we are or give us free stuff to promote them...we just think they're rad)!

In addition to loving art, our kids also looooove music. We've both been taking them to weekly music classes for years and it's a highlight each week. Last week our teacher played a song from this CD during the "free dancing with scarves" portion of the class ;-). I immediately came home and bought the album. It's filled with songs from around the world that are all unique and interesting to little ears. They have a ton of CDs and you can select from a country-specific one or one like this that has music from lots of different countries. Our current two favorites from this album are: "Fatou Yo" and "Boom Boom Tarara". You can play short clips on their website to see if you like it before you order!

If you know us at all, you know that our love for 3M/Command products runs deep. We've been using them for years and they're our go-to for parties, photo sessions, and around our own homes. The newest addition to our little collection is the Fridge Clips. But, we aren't using them on the fridge. Instead, we've put them up all over my son's room so he has a rotating art gallery on one of his walls. This is such a win for those of you whose kids bring home artwork nonstop: a. he can add/remove the pictures himself (except for the ones that I stupidly mounted out of his reach) and b. there's a designated place for all of the endless piles of artwork (which I love, really I do) that isn't on my kitchen counters or taped 4 deep on my fridge. Yippee!

What have you been up to this week? Any good finds or tips? Share below or drop us a line!

Erin & Sarah