Just Five Things: Bridal Shower!

Hi Friends,

How was your weekend? It's officially birthday, bridal shower, and baby shower season and we are busy, busy bees! We've got 4 new pinches to launch on Friday, so stay tuned for sneak peeks throughout the week. As promised, we've got our first couple of boy pinches - yay! 

Today, we thought we'd continue with our "Just Five Things" series and cover all things Bridal Shower, since we've officially entered wedding season! Here are our top five suggestions for making your party an event to remember!

1. Pick a theme! Yes, we've said this before in another "Just Five Things" post, but it is equally relevant here. The theme can play off of the wedding (think: wedding colors, location, etc.) or off of something near and dear to the bride (her favorite activity, her home town, etc.). It'll give you a springboard to make planning the event easier and will make the party feel more cohesive.

2. Photographs! You certainly don't need to hire a photographer, but make sure you specifically assign the job of documenting the party to a couple of the guests. Bonus points if any of the attendees has an SLR and knows at least a little about taking good photographs, but even iPhone photos will do in a pinch. The more important thing is to ensure that you have some great snaps of the bride-to-be and all of her friends and family so she can look back on this memorable day for years to come. We love the idea of putting together a photo guest book after the fact - it's the perfect combination of visual memories and her friends' best wishes for the future. Who wouldn't love that? 

3. Flowers! We know, we know, we're slightly obsessed, but they really are one of the best party decorations! You don't have to use a florist or spend a small fortune. One of our favorite flower sources are our local grocery stores (you have to do some research - some are definitely better than others, even within the same chain!). Look up some tutorials on how to arrange flowers and you'll be surprised at how manageable it is to create your own masterpieces. We have a slight bias toward peonies for a springtime shower, but there are so many beautiful options: ranunculus, tulips, or the ever popular wedding flower: roses. 

4. Food and Drink! If it's in your budget, we always love to outsource food and drinks for fancy parties. It allows the hostess(es) to focus on the guests and the party itself rather than scurrying to finish cooking and mixing drinks the entire party. If you can't swing that (which we totally get!), we'd suggest keeping it super simple. Our favorite times of day to throw a shower are brunch (featuring lots of make ahead items) or an afternoon tea/happy hour. Both of these prevent you from needing to cater a heavy meal. For brunch, we love things like quiche, fruit, baked goods, and mimosas - nearly everything can be pre-assembled leaving little to the last minute. For an afternoon event, we suggest a cheese, fruit, and cracker tray, fruit, scones, and simple finger sandwiches. And either tea or a signature cocktail (we're in a lavender phase: check out this site for some amazing ideas/inspiration) . 

OSF - www.ohsofancyparty.com - custom bridal shower invitation

5. Invitations! As you may guess, given the fact that we're partially in the paper business, we have a lot of opinions regarding invitations.

First, we're pro-paper invitations, especially for anything even remotely formal (and we'd say just about anything related to weddings is at a minimum formal-adjacent). They don't have to be overly ornate, but paper invitations set the tone for the event and instantly make it feel more special.

Second, we recommend sending them 6 weeks prior to the event when it's an adult event (kids' parties are a little more flexible, and even 3 weeks is typically reasonable notice). This is especially important if some of the guests are out-of-towners who may want to drive or fly in for the party (e.g., other members of the wedding party, the bride or groom's family, etc.). It also gives your guests plenty of time to order a gift, even if it's something personalized or customized. 

Third, make sure you save one for the guest of honor! Everyone loves to receive mail and she'll love having one to remember the event. We love to turn a spare invitation into a keepsake for the happy couple: frame it using their wedding colors or, even better, frame it alongside their wedding invitation for a perfect and personalized memento. 

OK, those are our five thoughts for today! What are your favorite bridal shower tips and tricks? What's your favorite memory from your shower or a shower you've attended? Share in the comments below or drop us a line!

Hope the rest of your week is fabulous and fancy! 


Erin & Sarah