Mother's Day: craft ideas

Hi Friends,

Hope your week has started off well! As you may have seen on Instagram or Facebook, we got a late spring snow this weekend - over a foot of powdery, white goodness! The kids were ecstatic and we were thrilled that it was 50 degrees by Sunday and everything has already fully melted. Snow is significantly less annoying when it doesn't turn to nasty, filthy slush like it does in other parts of the country. We heart living in Colorado. 

Today we thought we'd get you thinking about Mother's Day, since it's less than 2 weeks away! Here are some fun craft activities for kids and adults! We tried to order them from easiest to most challenging but hopefully there's something for everyone! 

We love this twist on the classic paint handprint canvas. By picking a paper pattern that works with your home decor (or your mother's), it'll be something that fits seamlessly in your home and you'll love to display both for the sentimentality and the style. 

Raise your hand if you have a full drawer's of old t-shirts with holes or stains, that are out of style but you still love, or that no longer fit? Yeah, that's what we thought. Put a few of them to use with this DIY t-shirt scarf! We love the look of the braided version and have a few (by which we mean a few dozen) tees in mind for doing this project!

I have a serious soft spot for anything involving pressed flowers or leaves. It's probably because my mom has always collected the most beautiful flowers and leaves and began pressing them and making beautiful art with them a few years ago. These remind me of her, so I'd love to give this a try with my kids. Sometimes the most beautiful things are found in nature, and these bookmarks are a perfect example of that. 

These require a few supplies, but there are so many adorable possibilities!! If you have stencils you could use those, but we love that you can make something so pretty with basic contact paper! Obviously if you're going to use a knife to cut the paper, things with straight lines will be easiest. But you could probably also use paper punches to do more complex designs (test that first to make sure it doesn't jam your punches since we haven't actually tried this yet...) and you could definitely do something similar with a Silhouette or Cricuit, but we're assuming most people don't have those on hand. Anyway, check this out for a fun, geometric tea towel. 

We are plotting to make a dozen of these in every color of the rainbow! So gorgeous and the step-by-step instructions are well-written and cover just about every question we could come up with. Who would have known that cheap nail polish could result in something so beautiful?!

There were about 5,493 other crafts we wanted to post, so we may have to have a part 2 in the near future! But, for now, which of these five crafts is your favorite? And which one are you most likely to create? Share in the comments below or drop us a line!


Erin & Sarah