Friday Fun - Halloween Ideas

Hi Friends!

We are in full blown Halloween mode around here! Now that the weather is (mostly) feeling like fall, we've busted out all of our Halloween decor and are busily planning for kids' parties and trick or treating! Since we've been Googling the heck out of Halloween, we thought we'd share some of our favorite finds in today's round-up. Enjoy!

Recipe found  Cocinando con Catman

How cute are these witches' brooms? Simple, healthy, and fun - a winning combination! The first half of the page is in Spanish, but scroll down for the English version of the recipe. I'm definitely making these for my kids - they're going to love playing with them and eating them!

Recipe at Fork&Beans

Recipe at Fork&Beans

Fork&Beans shows you how to make fun and creepy apple mouths with sunflower seed teeth and strawberry tongues! The recipe is great as-is (and food allergy-friendly!), but has endless possibilities for tweaking and personalizing. For a slightly more adult version, a hazelnut butter spread with hazelnut teeth and a strawberry tongue would be amazing! For an over-the-top version, you could use caramel for the binder and add some nuts or seeds for the teeth - just make sure you use a caramel recipe that sets up, otherwise it'll ooze out and make a huge (delicious) mess!

Recipe from  Bren Did

Recipe from Bren Did

Simple, stinkin' cute, and yummy - score! I don't know about your kids, but mine like anything that's in a miniature version - baby carrots, baby corn, mandarin oranges/tangerines, etc. They may or may not eat the "stem", but they'd devour these "pumpkins" in a flash! 

Found at A Pumpkin & A Princess

Found at A Pumpkin & A Princess

Is there anything more fun to play with than slime? I remember my little brother bringing home "gak" from a party when we were little and thinking it was the coolest/weirdest/most fascinating concoction I'd ever seen. I still think it's pretty darn entertaining and my kids could play with it for hours! It's simple to make (you could forego the food coloring and neon paint if you like and it'll still have the same feel, it'll just be white) and inexpensive. Need a non-food favor for a class party or for trick or treaters? This is a winner! 

This is a great craft idea to do with kids this Halloween season. Nothing complicated, but they get to paint with a brush and then do handprints and work on their manual dexterity when they make the web! Entertainment + educational = win!

Hope these are helpful as you prepare for Halloween! Let us know in the comments if you make/do any of these! And we'd love to hear from you: what are your favorite Halloween treats and crafts?

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Have a faboolous and fancy weekend!


Erin & Sarah

Hooray! Someone Special Turned 2!

Last week was Sarah's younger daughter's 2nd birthday! Happy birthday, sweet girl! We celebrated with an adorable Hooray-themed party (check out the Pinch we used here). This is the handmade invitation we designed to coordinate with the Pinch:

Hooray Pastel Balloon Birthday Invitation -

We are gaga over this set of decor and tableware and jumped at the chance to use it ourselves. It's so. darn. cute. Here are some photos from the party so you can see how we set everything up. 

Our latest obsession is washi tape. The designs are gorgeous and it's a really easy way to dress up, well, just about anything! Sarah used coordinating mint green washi tape and wrapped the milk glass bottles, then stamped each one with "Cheers" and "It's A Party!"  So easy and cute!! 

And who was it who said utensils are the life of the party? OK, fine, no one ever said that...until now! We found a great way to dress them up and make them more fun - stamping! Yep, Sarah stamped the wooden forks and spoons with "Happy Birthday" and a small cake and two candles. Would you believe that everyone was asking where we found these utensils? Ha ha! We made them, of course!

We used some of our new cupcake toppers and mixed together the balloons (stamped with tone-on-tone confetti and a number 2) and the banners (proclaiming: "cake time!") to add lots of color and fun to the dessert table. The cupcakes were made by our new friend Micki, who owns The Petite Cakery - local folks should check her out - so yummy!! We'll let you drool over the flavors we devoured: red velvet with cream cheese buttercream, chocolate with salted caramel buttercream, dairy-free vanilla with white chocolate buttercream (neither of us are dairy-free, but we both think that cupcake is one of her best flavors! So moist you won't miss the dairy at all), and almond cake with almond buttercream. Feast your eyes on a photo and feel free to salivate. We are. 

Hooray Pastel Balloon Birthday - Cupcake Toppers -

To keep the little ones entertained, at least briefly ;-), Sarah bought 5"x7" canvas boards from the craft store for them to paint. She marked off each child's board with his or her first initial in painter's tape. Then we watched our little group of Picassos paint away. Most of the paint ended up on the canvases...sort of. Once the paint dried, we could peel off the blue tape and each kid had his or her own personalized art! Simple, inexpensive, and they loved it. These also fit perfectly in a 5 x 7 frame, which can be a perfect way to display your child's artwork or a great gift for grandparents ;).

We didn't want anyone's cute party attire to get ruined during the painting session, so Sarah found these inexpensive paint smocks. With a little puffy fabric paint, these were easily personalized for each kid and a great party favor! The kids loved finding their spots at the table and creating their little masterpieces (with washable paint, of course!). It was smiles all around!

Sarah kept the food simple and went with the theme "foods my kid might eat." We'd bet many of you can relate! The menu included: veggies and hummus, popcorn, crackers, watermelon, corn on the cob, and homemade mac and cheese. It was certainly a hit with the kids (and adults!)! These treat cups are also a great way to serve up more than just sweets. Sarah filled them with veggies and the kids even grabbed a few. We will do anything to get those kids to eat their vegetables!

Yellow Treat Cups and Food Labels -

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into this adorable 2nd birthday party! 

Sarah and her adorable family! 

Sarah and her adorable family! 


Erin & Sarah