Cinco de Mayo!

Hi Friends,

Sorry for our absence on Tuesday! We were in sugar comas after Easter and got completely wrapped up with pinch planning and photo shoots (stay tuned for 2 BOY pinches - a birthday and a baby shower - next week! Woohoo!). Now that Easter is over, we've turned our attention to Cinco de Mayo and are busily getting ready to "party, karamu', fiesta, forever...come on and sing along" (don't tell us if you're too young to get the song reference, please ;-), but every time we say "fiesta" we start singing it!). 

Have you checked out Star Bakes (@starrrrbakes on Instagram)? She's based in CA and has the most beautifully decorated cookies! We are obsessed. And totally ordering some of these for Cinco de Mayo! How cute are they???

Nearly everyone seems to have a go-to 7 layer dip recipe. We love a good dip, too and it looks so pretty...until everyone starts dipping into it and making a total mess. This is a brilliant idea: put 7 layer dip into small, clear plastic cups! Each guest can have their own cup, so they can double dip their hearts out! 

Want something a little lighter? Or is the forecast predicting a heatwave? This chili lime corn salad looks delicious and won't leave you feeling overly full when you're finished. Yummy! 

We adore this idea for turning terracotta pots into sombreros! Cute and simple - our favorite type of craft! These would be cute as shown (for placecard holders), but could also hold food labels or, with larger pots, food. 

And last but not least, obviously you need a great margarita! We love the classic version, but this watermelon hibiscus margarita sounds refreshing and perfect for a summer day!

What are your Cinco de Mayo plans? Share in the comments below or drop us a line!

Have a fabulous and fancy weekend!


Erin & Sarah