Our Story

Do More Of What You Love

Meet Erin - Hi! After years of graduate school, followed by time as a consultant, I decided to take some time off after my first son was born. I adored the time with my boy (now boys), but over time needed a creative outlet. I picked up a variety of crafting hobbies and looked for any excuse to host parties and events. I have a mild not-so-mild obsession with party supplies and paper goods, as evidenced by my overflowing basement storage space and craft room. I found a kindred soul in Sarah - she is always excited about my latest "find" and never judges my excessive purchasing. Joining forces to help others with their party and paper needs seemed like a no-brainer. Plus, as the mother of two boys, I was looking for an excuse to purchase pink pompoms and glitter!

Meet Sarah - I've always had a love affair with entertaining (much to my husband's dismay) and looked for any reason to host a dinner party, buy that adorable cupcake stand, and make unique invitations. While living in NYC for ten years, I hosted many dinners, brunches, and showers in my teeny tiny apartment and cherished every minute! When we relocated to Denver, I left my publishing career behind but kept my passion for entertaining. And I found with all this space, hosting parties at home was way more fun. When I met Erin, we instantly connected over our love of party planning, paper crafts, and all the amazing details that make an event extra special. Because if you ask me, it's ALL the little details that make your party distinctive. Meet Oh So Fancy - After a few not-so-subtle hints from friends and neighbors, we decided to start this adventure together to help others find as much joy in parties and paper as we do!