Gingerbread & Striped Treat Cups

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Can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man! And I've run away to bake some delicious treats in these adorable cups! This package contains two styles: 25 of the gingerbread cookie with a candy cane and 25 of the red and white stripes. All 50 have a gold foil, scalloped rim. We adore these muffin/cupcake holders as is but we also love to use them as treat cups and fill them with anything from candy to trail mix to veggies and dip. They're also adorable for individual servings of ice cream. 

Item details:

  • Each pack includes 50 baking cups (25 each of 2 coordinating designs)
  • Size: Holds approximately 5 oz
  • Dimensions of cup: 2.75"W x 2"H
  • Food and freezer safe, oven to 375º
  • Baking directions: fill cup half way, place cups on a baking tray
  • Do not microwave
  • No liners or cupcake tins required